Creative Media (Production and Technology) Level 2 - Group 1

'Basketball Drills' video

by Ali Abdul-Hameed

'The Abandoned Island' video

by Raheem Choudry

'The Age of Endurance' video

by Gracjan Garlicki

'A Boy Who Wants to Get Better at Football'

by Charlie Gellard

'Bonds Broken' posters

by Jaydn Gordon-Fletcher

'Quarantine' photography

by Kelvin Jaitoo

'The Swinging City' video

by Jonathan Jennings

'Perception' posters

by Fabien Morrison-Gonzales

'This is MEdia' video

by Mohammad Saleh

'This is MEdia' logo

by Amy Shadman

'Outdoor Portrait' photography

by Isabella Shehade

'How to Hide a Psychopath' posters

by Sirine Talhi

'One Step Closer' posters

by Gergana Viskova

'Dare to Leave' posters

by Caitlin Wright

'The Abandoned Orphanage' video

by Yacqub Yusuf

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