Creative Media Production and Technology (Moving Image)

Level 3 Ext. Diploma

Quarantine 2020 by Oscar Aron Minago. Oscar is seeking an apprenticeship/employment

Photography by Zahra Kahin.

Zahra is going to UAL to study Journalism.

Photography by Amy Ransom

Photography by Wesley Chika.

Wesley is going to London College of Fashion to study Fashion Photography.

Last Silent Walk for Grenfell before the Lockdown by Sidorela Neziri.

Sidorela is going to UAL to study Journalism.

Photography by Ketsia Malundama.

Ketsia is going to university to study Photography

Coronavirus: by Amy Ransom.   

Amy is going to University West London Content, Media and Film Production

Photography by Teddy Kirrage.

Teddy is going to UWE Bristol to study Film Production

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